The following Terms and Conditions shall apply for all full time and part time placements:

1. Iintombi Services Placement Fee is due after selecting an interviewed candidate and have decided to use services on the day of placement before an employee can be released.

2. The helper had attended Iintombi services basic job readiness skills programme that has 10 modules on credit, an amount of R1000 from the helpers first salary should be paid by the employer on her salary date stipulated by the employer, proof of payment should be sent to both the agency (email or WhatsApp) and the helper (WhatsApp or given directly for her records)

3. Candidates Passports or ID’s are available on request, please get permission from the helper should you wish to keep it.If it is needed for gate access please inform us before the helper comes through.

4. We need to be made aware of changes and additions in the job description and working conditions should there be any during her/his employ with you.

5. We will not be liable for, broken items due to negligence by the employee, please orientate ladies, use Ice Breaker documents as part of orientation and relationship building.

6. For both you and the agency’s comfort please check bags (ladies are discouraged from using muthi ,smoking and drinking alcohol)

7. Iintombi Services offers a guarantee from the initial placement day, as per your choice of package .We will replace when there is attitude problems that can be trained. Dishonesty of any nature will not be tolerated.

8. All helpers are on 90 days, probation.

9. Please sign a contract of employment.

10. Candidates should always work and adhere to Iintombi Services standards, clients are encouraged to communicate any change in behaviour.

11. The placement fee is not refundable, but in the event that the appointed candidate leaves the clients employment within the guarantee period for reasons other than retrenchment, unfair dismissal, or a change in employment terms. Iintombi will replace at no charge. Iintombi services should be given 3 days to place a suitable replacement candidate, a temporary helper can be provided while sourcing (optional)

12. The client is responsible for full payment of any placement fee and not deduct it from the employer.

13. Borrowing money to your helper is risky, we do not encourage it

14. Kindly inform Iintombi Services if there are pets or any animals in case the helper is allergic or afraid look after or share space with them.

15. Prospective clients should not offer employment to helpers during an interview or while working as temporary housekeepers without informing Iintombi Services ,should this happen full Placement fee will be levied.

16. Feedback should be provided in writing on WhatsApp or emailed to during probation

17. Feedback sessions and or retraining will happen on the First Saturday of the month.